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Movies: Goldrake L'Invincibile

The following is a movie I've watched and reviewed. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not selling DVDs. This is not a list of movies that tell you "the truth about UFOs". Simply said, I like movies. Each review is as simple and non technical as possible.

By Michele Bugliaro Goggia - last modified: March 29, 2006 3:06 PM

Full title: Goldrake L'Invincibile.

Year: 1975/'77.

Director: Go Nagai.

Starring: Actarus,Venusia, Maria, Alcor.

Language: Italian.

Price: 17.99 €

My rating: rating

Description: Second DVD. Actarus, Koji (Alcor) and Venusia go on fighting the Vegan robots. A young, courageous girl called Maria lives with her grandfather when, one day, their house is smacked down during a chase between Goldrake and a monster. Before dying, the old man reveals Maria she's the princess from Fleed. Believing his brother Actarus was dead, she is sure King Vega has now the powerful Goldrake in his hands. She will try to take back Goldrake, not realizing the pilot is her brother. The newly found family will fight together the Vegans.

This movie is a cut and paste of the series, but luckily the DVD contains fine extra contrnts: interviews with the original Italian dubblers, like Romano Malaspina, Locurato and Mazzotta talking about their careers! This time, both image and sound are fine. Goldrake suffers from the influence of Japanese traditions and UFOs. While the robot is very colourful, its weapons remind me of Samurai's.Very space race oriented, the drawings are not always fine, by today's standards.

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