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The Voronezh Case

Voronezh is a large city in the south of Central Russia, not far from Ukraine. It is located on the river Voronezh and is the administrative center of Voronezh Oblast. In 1989, The Associated Press reported a news straight from Tass saying that scientists had confirmed the landing of an alien spaceship.

By Michele Bugliaro Goggia - last modified: April 12, 2007 5:56 PM

Voronezh is a large city in the south of Central Russia, not far from Ukraine. It is located on the river Voronezh and is the administrative center of Voronezh Oblast. Nearby Novovoronezh ("New Voronezh") serves nuclear power plants. In 1989, The Associated Press reported a news straight from Tass News Agency (today ITAR TASS), saying that scientists had confirmed the landing of an alien spaceship carrying giant humanoids with tiny heads (or headless, depending on the different versions). The case occurred on September 27.

Main witnesses were a group of children from Elementary School n. 33, playing at the Levoberezhniy's park and some adults waiting at a close bus station for their bus. It's not clear if witnesses refer to the same case, as it seems there had been many sightings between September 21 and October 2. Children were 9 to 11 years old, 10 boys ans 2 girls. Thing is, not all of them have been interviewed by the same journalists, and some talked about different sightings. Nice start!

Around 18:30, children observed a reddish light approaching and moving along a straight curse. When the phenomenon reached them vertically, they all noticed it was a red, egg-shaped sphere. The object started rambling, looking for a place to land and finally disappeared. Minutes later, it was back and this time the so-called UFO started to land. A meter and a half from the ground, it stopped and a door opened from a side of the craft. A corpulent humanoid came out, moving slowly. He seemed to be headless or, following the versions, with a very small head, like a semisphere on the shoulders, with three bright eyes! The central eye was looking all around. The nose was a tiny hole. On the chest he wore a disk.

Short after, the humanoid went back inside the craft. Four legs from the craft allowed it to land firmly on the ground. Such object was 10-12 meters long, though some claimed it was banana shaped. More humanoids came out (two or four): one was small, like a robot, while the others were identical to the first tall humanoid (3-4 meters high, silverish dress and bronze coloured boots). The creatures started moving around their spacecraft: one tall humanoid, in particular, emitted sounds that sounded like orders, his chest disc emitted a triangular beam on the grass. Suddenly, a scared child started crying. The "chief humanoid" stared and paralyzed him, but at this point everybody was crying and shouting by the terror.

It's not clear what happened next, but about 5 minutes after the UFO reappeared on the same spot: the same tall, chief humanoid came out and used a 50 cm tube he wore on his belt against a 16 years old boy, whose beam dematerialyzed him. After the humanoid came back inside his ship, the boy reappeared.

The spacecraft left a circular, 20 meters wide depresson on the ground, with 4 more minor 15-30 cm wide, 4-25 cm deep holes. Another hole, 25 m wide and 2.7 m deep was found nearby where the humanoids took samples. Following some sources, the track featured an intense magnetic field and 2 of the 4 holes there was a much higher amount of gamma radiations: 30-37 microroentgen/hour compared to the 10-15 outside the "UFO trace".

A hoax revealed

In Russia, the case was welcomed quite positively by official sources and had quite an echo in the medias. I remember the news was published on a serious south Switzerland newspaper, which made, at first glance, the case look solid and real. Unfortunately it's not so.

Genrikh Silanov, head of the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory, told Tass that scientists investigating the UFO report found a 20-yard depression with four deep dents as well as two pieces of unidentified rocks.

What kind of substance, we don't know. Nor its composition. The Voronezh case is a hoax. Silanov declared the landing site and path taken by the aliens were confirmed by their use of a "biolocation" tracking method: in other words, a divining rod. Quoting Silanov:

"To locate the place of landing, we had recourse to the technique of biological magnetism", indicated the chief of the laboratory of the expedition sent in the park, Guenrikh Silanov. "It is a circular surface of 20 meters in diameter. Four depressions of 4 A 5 centimetres of depth and 14 to 16 centimetres in diameter are quite visible there. They form a rhombus. We also took two samples of the mysterious ground. At first sight they resemble dark red sandstone. However, after mineralogical analysis, we established that it was a rock without equivalent on Earth. To give a more precise conclusion, we need to make complex additional studies."

This is by far ridiculous and not scientific. French ufologist Jean-Jacques Velasco contacted Silanov by phone, starting a written correspondance. Silanov confessed some more unusual, if not ridicule, claims. One among others: his group had telepathic contacts with extraterrestrials.

Silanov is not a scientist, since his Geophysical Laboratory is a private structure, he's member of a UFO group. Shortly, he's a UFO hunter like many others. The same Silanov collected the drawings from the children, revealing the controverted symbol of UMMO on the spacecraft...

Medias could not retrieve adult witnesses of the close encounter, despite the potential thousands of witnesses. Children, though, were easily located by Moscovskie Novosti while examining the area. The children's reports were coherent; the little Zhenya Blinov went even on TV on October 11.

The report, despite coming fron an appearent official source (Tass), is one of the strange tales from the official Soviet medias under the policy of glasnost. Tass, let it be clear, was no more the official voice of the Cremlin, but one news agency like others. The final word was added by Igor Sarotsev, University of Voronezh, who examined the trace and concluded the "anomaly" was due to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster!

One story among the many crazy stories from distant Russia that too many Western ufologists grant for genuine.

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