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Eduard "Billy" Meier

Eduard "Billy" Meier, farmer, states he has contacts with Pleiadians (later renamed Plejarans) at least since 1942. His first extraterrestrial contacts occurred with Sfath and Asket, from 1942 until 1964. In 1975, contacts resume with the beautiful Semjase. The controversy has started.

By Michele Bugliaro Goggia - last modified: April 12, 2007 1:12 PM

Contactees are individuals who claim to be in contact with human-like, often blond enlighted extraterrestrials. Ufologists call them Nordics. During these contacts, the aliens discuss many ecologic, scientific and political topics in a new age way: wars, peace, spirituality being the most common topics. Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier is a Swiss farmer who believes he has contacts with Pleiadians (later renamed Plejarans) at least since 1942. Billy Meier clearly states he's the only one in contact with extraterrestrials. His claims have been (unfortunately) investigated by Wendelle Stevens, along with Britt and Lee Elders. While most UFO researchers dismiss this case as a fake, Michael Hesemann has recorded the supportive statements of 14 Meier case witnesses. Kal Korff, the main sceptic, has attacked Meier many times.

Meier's past has been the one of a wanderer and thieve. In his teens, Eduard Meier joined the French Foreign Legion, but soon left it and returned home. He traveled again, extensively around the world pursuing spiritual exploration, covering some 42 countries over twelve years. In 1965 he lost his left arm in a bus accident in Turkey. In 1966 he met and married the Greek woman Kalliope, with whom he has three children. The nickname "Billy" comes by way of an American friend who thought Meier dressed like Billy the Kid.

His first extraterrestrial contacts occurred in 1942, at the age of five, with an elderly extraterrestrial male named Sfath. Contacts with Sfath lasted until 1953. From 1953 to 1964 Meier's contacts continued with an extraterrestrial woman named Asket, originating from a parallel universe named DAL. After an eleven year break, contacts resumed again (beginning on January 28, 1975) with an extraterrestrial woman named Semjase, the granddaughter of Sfath. Semjase, her father Ptaah, Quetzal and the others come from Erra of the Pleiades star system. To each contact belongs a Contact Note paper ("Kontaktberichte"), containing transcripts of the speech between Meier and the Plejarans. Most of the scientific informations don't originate from the Plejarans themselves, as everything Meier reports was well known during the 1970's. Even though his "mission" is nowadays over, these Plejarans still visited Meier.

With fame, it was unavoidable for Meier to find people who believed his claims. Some of them, in fact, interested in Meier's tales, have joined the FIGU ("Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz-und Wissenschaften und Ufologiestudien") and the Semjase-Siver-Star-Center: a group who lives following the "spiritual teachings" of the Plejarans. The FIGU seems nothing strictly commercial, just people who feel Meier is true.

Meier used to be available to anyone to talk about his contacts: so many people went to Schmidrüti to talk to him and to see his photos. Such popularity, though, has created so many problems between him, his hometown and his family that he decided to retire once for all. You can imagine such a big UFO tourism filling a small, simple place and sceptics calling him ciarlatan or sucker... Even for Meier's friends, he's become difficult to reach. One person who's remained close to him is the school teacher Guido Moosbrugger.

Popularity and controverted evidence have changed the public opinion regarding the Billy Meier case...

The evidence

To prove his contacts, with the approval of the Plejarans, Billy Meier has produced sharp photos, videos, a couple of sound recordings of Plejaran space ships (also called beamships) and metal alloy samples. Further to these, a "protobible" has been uncovered by Billy Meier: the Talmund Jmmanuel. It is said to be the translation of ancient Aramaic scrolls that were discovered by Meier and a colleague in Jerusalem in 1963. The book contained the original teachings of Jesus (Jmmanuel).

As already stated, Meier has the following "physical evidence" to prove his contacts with Plejarans:

The metal samples were analyzed in 1979 by Marcel Vogel, a research chemist senior scientist at the IBM facility in San Jose. These alloys surprized him:

"With any technology that I know of, we could not achieve this on this planet! ... And I think it is important that those of us who are in the scientific world sit down and do some serious study on these things instead of putting it off as people's imagination."

Vogel claimed the metal strangely vanished not long after his work was completed, well before any other scientist could examine it. Honestly, I've never seen his report. What about the recorded sounds of the UFOs? Following the investigations of the Elders, it was such a complex sound that even with nine synthetizers it couldn't be replicated.

What about his photos? So sharp, so genuine? Models held by strings? Yes, in most cases: some photographs, if not all, are indeed hoaxes. Some others are even more stupid fakes. They all suffer from focus and light-direction problems, consistent with cut-and-paste and model work. Let's look at some. Photo n. 66, July 1975, shows a Plejaran flying saucer hovering near a tree: there is a support holding the "UFO" hidden among the branches. Photo n. 6, Februar 1975, shows a landed flying saucer: while it may be too close to the camera, it shows imperfections. Now the best: photo n. 720, April 1979, shows an elonged, luminous object: it looks like a kind of lamp that's very common in Switzerland. A "hyper-space tunnel" is in fact a NASA image of a space colony. A photo proving Meier has timetravelled back to the Mesozoic is in fact a blurred photograph of a picture from a book.

Some say that Meier, being mutilated, he'd have serious problems in holding a mini saucer and photographing it at the same time. Even attaching one to a string would be difficult. Now consider the scenarios: open mountains. Such argument makes sense but could indicate Meier has either been helped or someone has mislead him. Or that Meier used a simpler technique.

In the last years, new facts have solved some Meier-mysteries: his former-wife Kalliope declared, after divorce, how he tricked all the photos. If most points regarding the Billy Meier case are negative, some still remain blurry. The photo featuring Asket and Neera were a screenshot of dancers from the American Dean Martin Show. Wait. Little Swiss towns tend to be isolated from the more central cities. Swiss cable television never included any American channels. If you look carefully at a screenshot, Asket and the dancer do look alike but are not the same person. Jim Deardoff agrees. Short later, Meier stated the dancers are sosias of the real aliens: he made the photo to give an idea of their appearences. Which made things even worse. The Swiss FIGU has withdrawn these photos from their web site. Another downfall for old Billy? It is curious to note how the word "BEAMship" links to Billy Eduard Albert Meier.

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Typical contact scenario (© Jim Nichols)

Sidenote: the Billy Meier's photos are covered by a © that FIGU strongly defends. For this reason I've chosen not to use them here.

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